GID readily invests in its people, and has built a collaborative network of in-house expertise in the critical functions necessary to owning, developing, and operating commercial real estate. The Executive Team develops the overall strategic vision of the firm, sets the investment policies, and allocates and sources capital.

Robert E. DeWitt

Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Gregory S. Bates

President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Michelle Bergland

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Susan M. Burke

Senior Vice President, Corporate Tax

William P. Chiasson

Senior Vice President, Acquisitions Eastern Region

Rene Circ

Managing Director, Industrial Strategy

Melissa Fang

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Connie Hampton

Senior Vice President, Property Management

Jeffrey A. Harris

Executive Vice President, President of Windsor Property Management Company

Joan E. Gallagher

Senior Vice President, Property Management

Jamie S. Gorski

Chief Marketing Officer

Hisham Kader

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Susan Kaminskas

Senior Vice President, Property Management

Troy Kingsley

Senior Vice President, Property Management

Gary T. Kroll

Managing Director, Industrial Investments

James E. Linsley

President of GID Development Group

Shawn Mahoney

Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer

Peter S. Martin

Senior Vice President, Treasury

Michael McMahon

Senior Vice President, Portfolio and Asset Management

Bridget McGregor

Senior Vice President, Accounting

Suzanne E. Mulvee, CFA

Senior Vice President, Research and Strategy

Thad D. Palmer

Chief Investment Officer and Executive Vice President, Acquisitions

Craig Rooney

Senior Vice President, Property Management

Matthew P. Stuart

Senior Vice President, Acquisitions Western Region