GID is a vertically-integrated apartment developer, investor and operator.  It is not only the foundation of who we are; it is the future of who we are.  GID’s commitment to the multifamily sector spans 6 decades and the company has the resources to sustain strong, stable growth for decades more.  Since our formation in 1960, our various businesses have stood on the same, simple principles of quality, service, and integrity.  People are the root of GID’s success, enabling the firm to deliver quality results to our investment partners.  Some of GID’s highlights include:

  • Over our 58-year history, we have developed or acquired over 77,000 residential units and 16.8 million square feet of commercial space.  These properties consist of a wide spectrum of real estate categories including multifamily rental properties, for-sale condominiums, retail, office, hotel, industrial, and parking uses.
  • We have divisions specializing in development, acquisitions, real estate funds, portfolio and asset management, and property management.
  • Our current initiatives are focused primarily on multifamily, mixed-use, for-sale condominium, and retail projects. We are an active buyer and developer of these types of real estate on behalf of our institutional co-investment partners and for our own account.
  • Our combined companies’ portfolio consists of  92 multifamily properties totaling 25,675 apartment homes (including 669,778 square feet of commercial and retail space) located in 14 states. In addition, we have under active development 18 multifamily properties totaling 5,589 apartment homes located in 9 states and 2 industrial developments with 727,137 square feet. We also own 2.7 million square feet of industrial space in 7 business parks and 490,085 square feet of office space in three buildings located in 2 states.
  • We operate nationwide from ten offices located in Boston, MA; New York, NY; Washington, DC;  Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; Denver, CO; San Francisco, CA; and Los Angeles, CA.
  • We employ over 800 real estate professionals throughout the United States.