GID’s portfolio management group ensures that we are upholding our fiduciary duties and complying with investment mandates for our co-investment funds, commingled vehicles and GID’s wholly-owned account. The portfolio management team includes seasoned real estate executives possessing a wealth of investment management experience.

GID utilizes a full range of in-house and external resources to meet portfolio investment goals of maximizing risk-adjusted returns over a long-term investment horizon.  The team utilizes proprietary data from our comprehensive portfolio to create a competitive advantage in our decision-making processes. Portfolio management incorporates real-time transaction data from our acquisitions and capital markets teams, as well as current and historical operating results, and synthesizes this proprietary in-house information with leading third-party data sources to create a holistic view of the commercial real estate market.  GID believes that our people and our proprietary management information systems provide comprehensive, forward-looking analysis to enhance the timing, terms, and pricing parameters of portfolio investment decisions.