GID owns and operates over 48,000 multifamily units across the United States. The firm’s vertically-integrated operating platform provides a broad scope of knowledge and experience in managing, operating and investing in multifamily properties.

GID’s capabilities include:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Asset Management
  • ESG
  • Development
  • Acquisitions
  • Research and Data Analytics
  • Property Management
  • Finance and Corporate Operations

GID’s in-house property management company, Windsor Communities, manages the company’s multifamily communities across the nation. Windsor’s on-the-ground operations provides the firm’s professionals an acute understanding of local markets and real-time investment conditions. Windsor has achieved a long-standing reputation in the property management industry and is continuously recognized for its top-rated customer service, established and successful ESG standards, cutting-edge technology, notable marketing, and outstanding maintenance services.

Investment Strategies

GID manages multiple investment vehicles across the risk spectrum.

Core Strategy

GID’s core multifamily co-investment strategy targets institutional-quality, stabilized assets in well-located markets across the United States. These vehicles aim to provide stable income and modest appreciation over the long-term.

Core-Plus Strategy

GID’S core-plus multifamily strategy targets Class B multifamily assets between 10-35 years old with in-place rents that are typically 50% to 80% of those in new construction and can generally be acquired at a meaningful discount to replacement cost. The firm’s core-plus portfolio focuses on growth and income and targets the top 25 U.S markets1 where strong economic fundamentals provide attractive investment opportunities.


GID’s build-to-core strategy partners with the nation’s leading merchant developers to develop best-in-class assets in strong performing markets across the United States. The firm has established a number of institutional client relationships and GID’S build-to-core investments are typically made on behalf of the firm’s co-investment vehicles and provide a significant pipeline of new core assets for these mandates.

Quick Facts

    • 27th Largest Private Multifamily Owner in the United States2
    • #1 in GRESB Residential Multi-family and Americas Regional Sector Leader in 2019 and 2020 for one GID separately managed account3,4,5
    • Top rated property management company by Kingsley and ORA6
  1. Top markets based on size (gross metro product and population), growth and depth of commercial real estate investment value.
  2. National Multifamily Housing Council 2022.
  3. Third-party rankings and recognition are based on information prepared and/or submitted by GID and third-party consultants. GID paid a fee of $9,600.00 for its GRESB submittal. Please refer to the more thorough disclosure and additional information about the criteria used in making these rankings via the website of the publication and/or organization granting such recognition.
  4. Ranking earned by one GID joint venture program.
  5. One additional GID investment vehicle in the same asset class earned a top ten ranking in its first reporting year.
  6. J Turner Research is the leading online reputation management firm. Its Online Reputation Assessment (ORA) score serves as the industry standard for measuring a property’s online reputation. In 2021, GID’s Multifamily management company, Windsor Communities, has been named by J Turner Research as one of the top five management companies.


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