Platform Overview

GID’s select multifamily strategies focus on the top institutional U.S. markets and individual investments are anchored by deep and growing employment hubs that cater to knowledge workers.  GID often owns multiple assets within individual target markets, including Class A, B, and development projects.  These properties are managed through GID’s fully integrated property management arm, which sustains a deep understanding of local investment conditions and gives GID an acute advantage over out-of-town investors.

Investment Strategies

Class A

GID manages and coinvests in core multifamily assets on behalf of major institutional investors including some of the nation’s largest pension funds such as California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund (OPERF).  GID currently owns and operates more than 23,000 Class A units across the U.S.  Market, micro-market, and asset selection are designed to generate reliable income returns and long-term value appreciation across cycles.

Class B

GID currently owns and operates more than 13,000 class B units across the U.S, housing residents in middle and upper middle-income households.  Class B assets are anchored by the same employment hubs as properties in GID’s Class A portfolios, allowing GID to better leverage its deep local operating experience.  Individual investments are curated to generate attractive income returns and long-term appreciation.


GID partners with many of the nation’s leading merchant developers under a highly successful build-to-core program.  The investments are typically made on behalf of our co-investment funds and provide a significant pipeline of new core assets for those investment mandates.