Platform Overview

GID has been active in the industrial sector since 1986.  Target assets are infill light industrial warehouses near high population density and consumer purchasing power.  Our strategy capitalizes on the secular shifts taking place in urbanization and heightened delivery speeds by pursuing assets that are in close proximity to the end customer.  The strategy focuses on locations with high barriers to entry and on functional buildings demanded by business-to-business and business-to-consumer users.  The industrial platform generates value for its investors by executing on stabilized, value-add, and development transactions.

Investment Strategy

Invest in infill industrial locations with high barriers to entry and very limited development potential in surrounding areas.  Target locations have high population density and high incomes with access to strong labor pools.  Target assets are multi-tenant buildings purchased for $5M or more that are accessible to wealthy, dense, and growing urban nodes.

Target Markets

GID Target Markets

Leadership Team

Rene Circ

Executive Vice President and Co-Head, GID Industrial

Gary T. Kroll

Senior Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, GID Industrial

Michelle Mussafi

Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer, GID Industrial

Michael Wenaas

Co-Head and Chief Investment Officer, GID Industrial

Investment and Asset Management Team

David Broome

Managing Director, Acquisitions, GID Industrial

Terence Bundy

Director, Acquisitions, GID Industrial

R. Tyler Hardy

Director, Acquisitions, GID Industrial

Brendan McCarthy

Managing Director, Head of Asset Management, GID Industrial

Blake Sullivan

Director, Acquisitions, GID Industrial

Richard G. Sullivan

Director, Asset Management, GID Industrial